p a few children to just turn out the hand and then grow out. But the premise is that three children did not really want to Tang sugar violence, otherwise, only junior high school students with strong, this little scourge, dead are not enough, Xiao Jun was not used to their bear problems. Xiao Jun, you come back Not to say F5 Certification half a mo. nth How about two days back Tang sugar bouncing out on it, obviously did not put this thing today in mind. Xiao Jun Biao Zhang Zhang said Originally to be half a month, the results just go you give me trouble, I was called back by the teacher. Tang sugar hehe a laugh I told the teacher said, do F5 Certification not call parents, I can deal with a person, she is unbelieving. F5 Certification it exam Xiao Jun a black line. Who does not believe you Snapped Do not say witty words, and quickly to things to sell me clear. Tang sugar to accompany laughed Xiao Jun, really nothing, I promise that the three of them touched me where I was all off, and now I was innocent. Xiao Jun is going crazy. This little girl film, my mind want something This donkey is not on the mouth of the horse. At this time Qu Ai Min inserted a sentence and asked Tang sugar, Xiao Jun is to ask you, Ding Hao they want to do to you At that time is how the situation, you learn. Don sugar Oh a cry. And then one person played four roles, exp. ression of the situation was repeated again. Xiao Jun watched her performance, but also with the song Ai Min understand the three junior high school students in the

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