nging time of my life. It worked every time. It is the highest tribute to Dad to say that I wasn t surprised by that. Between the two of them, I felt challenged and called to a place of supreme co. nfidence in myself, and unconditional love for everyone else. What a combo In my previous book I acknowledged some other members of my family Apple Certification and circle of friends who ve made an enormous contribution to ACMT it exam my life and still do. I want to include now two special people who have come into my life since the first book was written, and have made an extraordinary impact on me Dr. Leo and Mrs. Letha Bush who have demonstrated to me with their daily lives that in moments of selfless caring for family and loved ones, of concern for friends, of kindness to those in need, of hospitality to all, and of abiding faith and love in and for each other, will be found life s richest rewards. I am instructed by them, and deeply inspired. Also in this space I wish to acknowledge some of ACMT my other teachers, special angels sent to me by God to bring me a particular message which I am now clear it was important for me to hear. Some of them touched me personally, some from a distance, and some. from a point on the Matrix so far away that they don t even know at a conscious level I exist. Still, their energy has been received here, in my soul. These include other philosophers, leaders, opinion makers, w

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