PMP raining. Sister, don t worry, I didn t love sports, how could I report the project. Zhou Qi s heart is not good, she had surgery before, but still No strenuous exercise can be performed. Listening to her explanation, Zhou You s heart was slightly lowered. The two sisters talked for a while, and when they hang PMP it exam up, Zhou Qi is still chanting the g.ames. Zhou You s lips have always been in a state of rising, but at the moment of hanging up the phone, she smiled at her lips and her eyes flashed in sports meeting her mind she had no time to eat, she sat back in her seat, opened the document, and started. Write a plan. The PMI Certification next morning, Zeng Pei informed Zhou You that when Jiang Xing s draft was attended by her, she had just finished the night and was squatting on her seat. Yang Ke seems to be very convinced, but also ran to Zeng Pei s office to say. I don t know what Zeng Pei said. When Yang Ke came out, he was squatting high heeled shoes. He deliberately stepped on it very hard, and the documents were thrown on the table very hard.

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