Lpi Certification u You always licked his lips and did not speak. The set of cherry blossom powder swimsuits that had been replaced was hung on the grass. Jiang Che took it up and looked at it. He thought about it just now, unconsciously, and some thoughts were wrong. Waiting until the calf numb, the door finally came knocking at the door, the cle.rk whispered There is no one in the store. Hearing this, Zhou Youru was greatly stunned, hurriedly pushed Jiang Che, and opened the door to run. She walked very anxiously, Jiang Che was a little bit at the checkout counter. I want the swimsuit inside, I will wait until the checkout. Jiang Che s waist is long and the legs are long, the steps are a little bigger, one step can reach Zhou You two steps, Zhou You There is no way to get rid of him. What are you running, LPIC-2 it exam shy I LPIC-2 bought you a swimsuit. In the afternoon, I sent people to your brand department. You can rest assured that you will definitely hide your eyes and ears. I just explained in the fitting room, did you listen You have nothing to say to me Zhou Yu suddenly stepped and made a very fierce look at him. Then I ask you, what did you just say to the clerk Jiang Che did not expect she would ask this. Recalling I told her that

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
117-151 Lpi Level 1 Exam 101(with dpkg) Lpi LPIC-2
117-199 Ubuntu Level 1 Exam Lpi LPIC-2
117-201 LPI level 2 Exam 201 Lpi LPIC-2
117-202 LPI Level 2 Exam 202 Lpi LPIC-2

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