of the Black Valley of the Greywethers, and of how therein is whiles granted fulfilment of desire and methought how well it were i. f I might seek the adventure there and accomplish it. Thereof, doubtless, hath the chaplain, Sir Leonard, told you but this furthermore would I say, that his doing herein was nought all was done by my doing and by my bidding, and he might not choose but do it. Wherefore I do pray you all earnestly that ye keep no grudge against him, but pardon him all. Tell me, then, will ye do thus much Said Hugh Let him be pardoned, if he can take pardon. But Arthur spake not, and Birdalone looked on him anxiously, and her face was moved, and it was with her throat as CCIE Service Provider if she had swallowed something down. Then she spake again, and fell to tell them all that had betid to her when she went to the Black Valley, even as is hereafore writ, hiding nought that had been done and said and freely she told it, without fear or shame, and with such clearness and sweetness of words that no one of them doubted her aught and Arthur CCIE Service Provider it exam lifted up his head, and once and Cisco Certification again his ey. es met hers, and there was nought of hardness in them, though they turned away at once. So at last fell Birdalone to telling what betid after they two, the stranger knight and she, left the valley of the force and fell to riding the wildwood with their heads turned toward the Castle of the Quest and she said When we turned into the wo

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