The natural gas field was also full, tall and strong, and the middle aged woman on the right side of the bed looked awkward. Asson walked to Xiao Wei s bed and bent slightly, courteous and respectful Mrs. BOSS went back to the company in the morning to open an emergency meeting, but it Simens Certification was already on the way back. Xiao Xiao did not nod, did not say what. But the middle aged woman, blowing his beard and blinking, looked at Xiao Xiao like an alien. Do you have a man in your family Then why don t you change to a Simens it exam VIP ward Xiao Wei didn t want to take care of the boring people, but Asen did. It was a smile and explained to Xiao Wei Mrs. In the morning, BOSS arranged a VIP ward, and I.plan to arrange for you to live in, but if you are familiar with sleeping, afraid to wake you up, you will not change. The middle aged woman took a sip When I went into the mouth, I blinked and suddenly stopped talking. Asen s words are undoubtedly like a loud slap, and they are angry with Xiao. Xiao Xiao didn t care about those, only faintly said Let s Simens stay here, it s good. She just looked down and saw a diamond ring on the ring finger. This diamond ring, she is familiar with it, is the ring that Rongcheng ink pro

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
STI-803 SOCA Service OpenScape Voice Simens SOCA
STI-804 SOCA Service OpenScape Office MX Simens SOCA
STI-805 SOCA Consultant - OpenScape Voice & UC Application Simens SOCA
STI-882 SOCA Sales LAB Simens SOCA
STI-884 SOCA Sales Small & Medium Businesses (SMB) Simens SOCA
STI-889 SOCA IT Networks & Security Simens SOCA
STI-101 Open & Converged Networks Service HiPath 3000 with SoP Simens SOCP
STI-104 SOCP Service OpenScape Office Simens SOCP
STI-303 SOCP Service OpenScape Voice Simens SOCP
STI-304 SOCP Service OpenScape UC Application Simens SOCP
STI-308 SOCP Consultant OpenScape Voice Simens SOCP
STI-400 Service Open & Converged Networks HiPath 4000 Simens SOCP
STI-800 SOCA Service - HiPath 3000 Simens SOCP
STI-801 SOCA Service - HiPath 4000 Simens SOCP

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