ong sitting at the counter with a cool look, and the counter was outside. Standing a young son talking to Ji Rong. Seeing this scene, the cool moment found a difference, hey, there are situations Ji Rong noticed that someone entered the store and looked up reflexively. When he saw the cool and Song Ling figure, the smile on Ji Rong s face was instantly stiff. Exciting a smile, Ji Rong said, Small aunt, little uncle, are you coming to buy things God knows SNIA Certification that Ji Rong s little uncle has a lot of vomiting blood, and the man he once liked became his own little uncle, which is really enough. Should be. Cool faint smile glanced a Song Ling, Song Ling SNIA SCSA it exam has not even see a little awkward, this line of sight to a record volume body, opening replied. Yes, I com.e back to buy something with the door next to Ji Yung When the young son saw Song Ling, his face instantly showed a smile, and he greeted Song Ling and said Song brother, really clever. Jiang Gongzi , is very clever. Song Ling also returned. Song Ling and Jiang Ye were former classmates, but Jiang Ye later inherited his family business and gave up his studies. Ji Rong and Liang Liang heard the two men know, but also feel very strange, the world is really small, everywhere are acquaintances. Waiting for something to buy, cool and Song Ling returned SNIA SCSA to the village, back home, Song Ling followed the cool and entered the house. It used to be a classmate. Jiang Gongzi is still a good one. It is a bit soft in the

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
S10-100 Snia Storage Network Foundations Exam SNIA SNIA SCSA
S10-201 SNIA Storage Networking Management & Administration SNIA SNIA SCSA
S10-300 Snia Storage Architect-Assessment,Planning and Design SNIA SNIA SCSA

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