tickets that have been checked and ID cards that have not been returned to the wallet. I don t know what to think of, Jiang Cheguang s light flashed slightly after two and a half hours, the plane landed at the Nancheng Du Fu Airport on time. The two men came lightly and the plane was also very easy. There is a special car to pick them up to the hotel. The opening Ruijie ceremony of the Ruijie Certification Digital Economy Summit will be held at 2 pm, and only the hotel will be resettled in the middle, and then a lunch will be spent. The Junyi Huazhang they stayed in was a five star hotel t.hat cooperated with Jiang Xing. The Prince of the Junyi Group was also a friend of Jiangche for many years. Jiang Che came to live, the hotel will arrange the presidential suite in advance. However, this time it was very strange. The front desk was not the first to receive the Jiang Zong. Today, I Ruijie it exam received a message in advance that Jiang couldn t live in the presidential suite, and arranged a luxury business room for him, and then gave the accompanying staff. Arrange a deluxe king room and remember to go through the registration process. It s strange to be surprised, the instructions on the top are only for the sake of doing it. When arriving at the hotel, the front desk warmly received and reminded Jiang Zong, Miss Zhou, the room is ready, and the troubles are two to show the ID card. Jiang Chee smiled and han

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C8311 C8311 Ruijie Ruijie certification
RUIJIE C8311 Ruijie C8311 Ruijie Ruijie certification
RUIJIE-C8311 Ruijie C8311 Ruijie Ruijie certification

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