aside, inadvertently seeing the man who has automatically lie on the sofa spontaneously, was instantly laughed, this is the second sleep, just entering the door and squatting Two sentences, this is less than two minutes, just fell asleep The boy lying on the sofa looks so good and clumsy, his eyes closed, the thick eyelashes hanging down in the eyelids, looks like a small fan, a pink face, straight nose, rich and full lips It looks like it s been a little sheep. When I mentioned the sheep, I couldn t help but think of a word hungry wolf. Cough, not right, if it is Magento Certification really described, the.seal is a sheep, then she will not become a wolf Cool looking at the man lying on the sofa, slightly dimly lit, although the man looks beautiful, but the cool still has the bottom line, the Magento Certified Developer coolness of the person is definitely not going to do. However, this man will not be too simple. If it is not her tonight, but other women s words, then it will definitely be left with bones and scum. It s not impossible to know if a woman is squatting. Things. Thirsty, I want to drink water The man lying on the sofa suddenly moved and turned his head to sneak up. It might be thirsty. He also sticked his tongue out and licked his richness. The lips, which stained his twilight lips with a layer of water stains, seemed even more confusing. Hey, the cool sight paused a little Magento Certified Developer it exam on the man s full lips, and once again he heard the seal screaming and thirsty before he got up and went

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