The Influence of Autoclaved Fish Meal level in Milk Replacer on the Protein Digestibility in Dairy Calves. Supervised by Climen Wollny, Ter Meulen and Toto Toharmat

by Adi Wijayanto Dwi Sebsiono. 



In Indonesia dairy calves are reared and offered milk or milk replacer  for three months. Offering milk replacer to replace fresh milk is an alternative to reduce the rearing cost of dairy calves.  Substitution of milk protein with other protein sources is the main constrain in formulating milk replacer.  Most of inexpensive available protein sources in the market, such as fish meal and soybean meal, are not suitable for young dairy calves.  The solubility of their protein is not as high as of that of milk protein. Hydrolyzation or autoclaved of the protein source may improve their protein solubility. The objective of the present experiment was to study the influence of the inclution of autoclaved fish meal at different levels in milk replacer on  its nutrient digestibility in male dairy calves.

The present experiment was consisted of two trial as follows: (1) Study of the influence of autoclaved fish meal inclution in milk replacer on its nutrients digestibility in dairy calves, and (2)  Study of feeding dairy calves on autoclaved fish meal containing milk replacer.  Twelve pre-weaning calves was used in each study.  Two milk replacer and whole milk as treatments were offered in these trials.  In the first trial calves were kept in metabolic cages for 21 days.  The feed intake  and fecal output of these calves were recorded during the last 7 days to determine the nutrient digestibility of the rations.  The calves in the second trial were kept for 63 days in calve cages.  They were offered either milk replacer or whole milk, elephant grass hay and concentrate.  The elephant grass hay and concentrate were over red adlibitum.  Daily intake of milk replacer or whole milk, grass and concentrate was recorded. Body weight was determined weekly.  The data was analyzed statistical to determine the nutritive value of milk replacer compared to that of whole milk.
The result indicated that substitution of autoclaved fish meal or its combination with soybean to replace 50% of protein in milk replacer reduced its protein digestibility but the substitution had no significance effect on the dry matter digestibility.
It is concluded that inclution of autoclaved fish meal or its combination with soybean to replace 50% of protein in milk replacer is possible without affecting performance of calves.  Maximum crude fibber content of milk replacer is suggested .

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