p sleep, and forgetful of his dangerous position, he slumbered sweetly. But all the same, VMware Certification although he slept, he had stuck his sharp claws so firmly into the glass that he was quite safe not to fall. Now the golden apple tree was VCP6-Cloud guarded by the eagle which had overthrown the golden knight and his horse. Every night it flew round the Glass Mountain keeping a careful look out, and no sooner had the moon emerged from the clouds than the bird rose up from the apple tree, and circling round in the air, caught sight of the sleeping youth. Greedy for carrion, and sure that this must be a fresh corpse, the bird swooped down upon the boy. But he was awake now, and perceiving the eagle, he determined by its help to save himself. The eagle dug its sharp claws into the tender flesh of the youth, but he bore the pain without a sound, and seized the bird s two feet with his hands. The creature in terror lifted him high up into the air and b. egan to circle round the tower VCP6-Cloud it exam of the castle. The youth held on bravely. He saw the glittering palace, which by the pale rays of the moon looked like a dim lamp an

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VCPC610 VMware Certified Professional 6 - Cloud VMware VCP6-Cloud