for something is often to have a need for it. That is VCP-NV why addicts are said to need a fix. Be careful, therefore, that desire not become addiction. Are you saying the world will always have problems Are you saying that you actually want it that way I am saying that the world exists the way it ex ists just as a snowflake exists the way it exists quite by design. You have created it that way just as you have created your life exactly as it is. I want what you want. The day you really want VCP-NV it exam an end to hunger, there will be no more hunger. I have given you all the resources with which to do that. You have all the tools with which to make that choice. You have not made it. Not because you cannot make it. The world cou. ld end world hunger tomorrow. You choose not to make it. You claim that there are good reasons that 40,000 people a day must die of hunger. There are no good reasons. Yet at a time when you say you can do nothing to stop 40,000 people a day from dying of hunger, you bring 50,000 people a day into your world to begin a new life. And this you call love. This you call VMware Certification God s plan. It is a plan which totally lack

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VCPN610 VMware Certified Professional - Network Virtualization VMware VCP-NV