of Qinglian like a very depressive reaction, hard to have to take her to the hospital to see. Qinglian listen to him say that immediately began to wipe the tears, slander asked Fang Lin, and finally feel gas, but also smashed a glass. Cisco Certification You are disgusted with me old and ugly, is not, now have to say that I was sick, I told you, I was not sick Fang Lin tears, dare not go on, and now the Qinglian, sensitive almost fragile, in addition to his careful not to touch her often hysterical nerves, no other way. Xiaoye resigned, since the pay of the boyfriend. now, the two people like glue, the boy home good family, recently they intend to get married, let Xiaoyi resigned the job, peace of mind to plan to start full time wife. Xiaoyi this walk, the unit CCNA Security is only the Qinglian and Sun Jie, three people work two people dry, overtime time more and more. CEOs are promised, and that is recruiting, but the move for a few weeks, the new colleagues did not put in place, only the two of them CCNA Security it exam continue to withstand, more and more tired. Weekdays Sun Jie do not love to speak, lack of small Ai, she and Qinglian between the look will be more b

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
640-554 Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security (IINS v2.0) Cisco CCNA Security
210-260 Implementing Cisco Network Security Cisco CCNA Security